Animal Communication

Online Courses

Grow your natural ability for clear two-way communication with all animals. In these courses I guide you step by step to light up from within as you strengthen your intuition and develop your practical conversation skills.

Courses may be taken in any order and I will be adding more in the future.

A Natural Part of You

Animal Communication is truly something we can all do, many of us just need reminding and relearning to help the conversations flow better. In these courses I share with you simple and powerful tools for:

  1. trusting yourself more,
  2. clear and focussed two-way exchanges,
  3. problem solving,

Why Learn Animal Communication

  • Enjoy deeper relationships with all animals
  • Feel more empowered to help them
  • Train with much more ease
  • Have more fun in relating
  • Trust yourself more in their healthcare
  • Navigate changes in the family, home or yard together
  • Hear their messages and know their soulful wisdom

Hi, I’m Kate your Teacher

I always knew there was something more to life if I truly learned to trust my inner voice. This desire led me to become an animal communicator. Over the past ten years I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of animals and their people overcome life's challenges by listening to each other. With a background in the arts, nature conservation and education, as well as energy medicine, I have a passion to share what I've learnt through developing courses for creative living with animals.

What students are saying...

I feel empowered

I am so grateful for the way in which you shared valuable skills in an experiential and empowering way. The result is that I believe I can own and allow my “super-natural” gifts to emerge. Your teaching style is so gentle and the experience sits with me long after the sessions end. You have shifted my status quo in such a lovely way!

Lindsay - South Africa

A magical journey

Over the last years, my animals have encouraged me to grow into the life of my dreams and to step into my purpose. 

Kate has been our facilitator and person of encouragement on this magical journey.

Anne Sharlouw - South Africa

I loved it!

I loved the seed series!! You explain everything so well and I understand it. It is a real treat to listen to you. I always had a love and passion for animals, but ever since I did the seed series, I feel even more and it feels like I’m noticing things more and more when with animals. I can't wait to experience more.

Karien - South Africa