Introduction to Animal Communication

The Seed Series - Home Study Course

About the Course

We all have the natural ability to speak with animals. It’s a gentle voice within us that with nurturing, practice and self-awareness becomes a clear knowing.

The skills I teach in these modules grow confidence, happiness, and fulfilment for everyone through stregthening clear intuitive two way communication. The practices empower us in listening more deeply to know animals' thoughts, feelings & needs. In this way supporting more peace, trust and calm in our relationships for overcoming life's challenges together.

Within this course are:

  • 7 recorded live classes of 1.5hrs
  • weekly action steps
  • one lesson with a teacher animal
  • printer friendly pdf's
  • audio downloads of each class (class 4 you need to watch video)

All the activities and guided meditations are created to be enjoyed with your own animal family. If you currently don't have animals in your life, I invite you to be creative and do the activities with animals who are friends of yours or with animals who are in spirit.


Profound personal growth

I find the deeper understanding invaluable as a behaviorist who helps special needs dogs to lead full and happy lives. One of the best things about the series – and Kate’s workshops – is that not only do I gain insight into animals but the experience has a profound impact on my personal journey. I can’t wait for the next online series.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kate’s Seed Series that provided a great holistic view of what animal communication entails.



I got incredible affirmation through my vet confirming that what I picked up during the body scan activity was correct about Roxy's physical health!

I learnt so much from the course. It gave me valuable tools on how to communicate and help my own animals, as well as the animals we encounter in our everyday life.

Heather, Roxy & family

Deeper Connection

The Seed Series was an inspiration to me, not only for the clear advice on how to best connect and communicate with our beloved animal friends, but for the enthusiastic and positive attitude Kate encourages us to keep.

I felt a huge change in the relationship with my cat Babu, by simply entering into the “yes” and the “trust” modes! And this is something that can be translated into every aspect of life, not only in animal communication. When you face the world with a big YES in your heart, everything is joy.

Laura & Babu




We all can speak with animals, intuition and telepathy are natural gifts within every human. In this talk and guided meditation we explore:

- intuition and telepathy for healthy relationships with animals

- what is animal communication and what its not

- the basics of connection

- 3 key principles for transformation

- a path of the heart



Your own animals are your best teachers. In this webinar I will share perspective and tips for naturally opening the channel of communication at home. We cover:

- you are communicating already

- common conversation busters

- opening the field for chat time

- getting into flow

- the power of praise



You are the magic you have been waiting for. Empower your intuitive senses and ground your spirit in trust with:

- unconditional love that speaks louder than words

- affirmations to shape your experiences

- transforming fear and doubt

- meeting possibility



Practices for strengthening your intuitive receptivity and telepathic clarity. This webinar includes practices for:

- bringing attention to all your senses

- self awareness, intention and focus

- acting on information to open to more

- conversation starters



We take a journey of self-discovery into what animals are actually hearing from us and how to talk telepathically with clarity, authenticity and power. Webinar includes practices for:

- your presence is felt

- choose what movie to play

- timing does matter

- listening as an essential ingredient



Your hands hold, nurture and give incredible energy. Developing the awareness of sensing energy through your hands and how to direct energy with your hands is an important skill in animal communication. Touch is part of our relationships. With awareness and care the sensitivity in your hands unfolds with light and assists you immensly in opening to your intuition. This webinar covers:

- what is healing

- healing touch for building trust

- touch and intention

- the body scan technique



Practicing animal communication empowers you to help animals in need and distress. This may be for your own furry family, animals in shelters and even wild animals. The basic principles stay the same. The wonderful thing is you can use these practices and principles both when you are physically present and over a distance. Strengthen this natural gift for magic that is within you by:  

- understanding energy and healing

- choosing love beyond fear

- having empowering beliefs and conversations


How is this course different to a workshop

The online course covers the same principles and practices but the activities are specifically designed to do with your own animals. During a weekend in-person workshop we do swops to talk with each others animals mostly. Many students do both to deepen and stregthen their inner trust in the process. The MAGIC comes with practice, practice, practice.

Will doing this course enable me to solve my animal's issues?

This is an introduction course teaching you the basic skills for intuitive relating wih animals. Its about learning to talk with them a new way and how to trust your own feelings more for everyday conversations. As an introduction course it is not a quick fix. Although many poeple expereince magical changes in their animals and in themselves by completing the course and applying the practices. The course will take you into the relam of the personal growth needed for truly talking with animals. If you are having big issues with an animal I recommend booking a consultation with a professional before or after the course so that you can do the course unconditionally with your animals with an open heart and mind. Trust what you feel is right for you.

Whats next?

  1. Join a workshop in person to expand your knowledge, skills and openness to what your own animals are communicating.
  2. Book a communication session with a professional, this brings incredible clarity and affirmation to your experiences with your own animals at home.
  3. Visit my website for event updates and free resources.

Is this course suitable for kids?

Yes, I recommend doing it together with them to discuss the topics and to integrate the practices as a way of life for the family.

Pay What You Can

With students across the world and variable exchange rates I am offering my courses on an honesty system to make them more accessible.